Welcome to Secret Fairy Door

First you need a fairy Door
And a path made out of stone
Then if you’re really lucky
A fairy will call it ‘Home’

But of course that is not all you need
It’s time to decorate
Some bunting and some lanterns
Will brighten up the place

But fairies also need somewhere to rest
So place a mushroom here and there
When they become tired and weary
They can use them as a chair

Last thing to do is to attract them
And this really is a must
Close your eyes and sprinkle
Your magical fairy dust

If you believe in fairies
They will surely come to stay
And spend time in your garden
Where they can live and play

© 2015 secretfairydoor.co.uk

One thought on “Welcome to Secret Fairy Door

  1. Our Maisey is 4 and loves fairies and loves her fairy windows

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